VISION+ is the complete Point-Of-Sale system for Opticians

Vision+ is a very comprehensive practice management system that gives you complete inventory control, client invoicing, automatic order pricing, marketing and the ability to send your orders electronically to various labs (including VisionWeb labs). We additionally offer electronic submitting of insurance claims to any clearing house.

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Latest News & Updates

April 2014

The spring release for 2014 has shipped.

It includes the ability to use ICD-10 codes - and the new 1500 form - for the US and the ability to elecronically send your orders to HOYA.

May 2013

The spring update is being shipped.

Among other things it has the ability for you to allow your clients to re-order their contacts on your own webiste - and, instantly, have the VisionPlus software create and order, Invoice and shipping advice on your local computer.

April 2012

This release is ready and being sent out.  Among other things we've added an automatic validation of seg heights

April 2012

We are working with HOYA to allow automatic submission of orders to their labs.

October 2011

The fall release is now shipping... among other things we've added a new lens material... TRIVEX


July 2011

Second release sent for 2011

January 2011

First release sent for 2011

December 2010

Print a bar-code on an inexpensive Dymo printer, Works with Apple iPad.

November 2010

Integrated display of a frame's picture on the screen.

October 2010

Electronic distribution of a company wide price list.

September 2010

Supports printing a 3" wide invoice/receipt

August 2010

Print the store's LOGO on the invoice/receipt